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Soothing Sounds

The Alloy Horn Quartet is pleased to combine their virtuosic musical talents, training in meditation, and deep respect for the natural world to offer Soothing Sounds. This unique program integrates the powerful wisdom of nature, resonant sounds of the french horn, and mindfulness practices to create an atmosphere of peace and wellbeing. Participants can enjoy the performance purely as a musical concert, or they can use it as a more integrative wellness experience.


In today’s fast-paced and stressful world, most of us need encouragement to find balance, relaxation, and reprieve from life’s difficulties. Both everyday stressors (kids, work, bills, etc.) and more substantial challenges (systemic marginalization, a global pandemic, etc.) can wear down our resilience. The consequences can range from irritability to aggression; from low energy to chronic disease; from heightened nerves to panic attacks. All three of the modalities used in Soothing Sounds are evidence-based, empirically researched techniques that have a mitigating effect on stress hormones, high blood pressure, and emotional dysregulation (reference studies here). By combining music, nature, and meditation practices, we hope to provide a program that is more than simply an enjoyable concert (though it is!), but an experience that can facilitate a deeper sense of calm and real physiological changes in our bodies’ stress response mechanisms.


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