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1.a combination of metals to create a substance with improved metallic properties


2. two or more metals mixed together to create a new metal with more desirable qualities

meet Alloy 

The ALLOY Horn Quartet (LIZ DEITEMYER, ANNA JACOBSON, KELLY LANGENBERG, & DANA SHERMAN) is an alliance of artistry and musicianship whose appealing performances are powering their rise to the top of the chamber music scene.  ALLOY is "definitely one of the best quartets in the country. Great musicianship, group dynamic, repertoire choices, group sound, accuracy, stage presence and presentation. Fantastic performance!" (Bruce Atwell, Professor of Horn at UW- Oshkosh) 

Whether performing classical or contemporary genres, the quartet is at ease sharing its passion for music with audiences.  ALLOY has been honored to recently appear as featured performers and clinicians at the Chicago Brass Festival, the Illinois Wesleyan University Winter Horn Fest, the Midwest Regional Horn Workshop at St. Thomas University, Ball State University, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, University of Central Arkansas, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Fall Festival Horn Day, and continues to receive performance opportunities throughout the U.S.


When not performing as a quartet, the hornists of ALLOY can be found in Chicago's freelance orchestral scene and perform with the region's top orchestras.  They have also played with well-known ensembles such as the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Lyric Opera of Chicago, Chicago Philharmonic, Millar Brass Ensemble, Cleveland Orchestra, Elgin Symphony, Wisconsin Philharmonic, Arkansas Symphony, Omaha Symphony, and New Mexico Symphony.  Non-symphonic appearances include bookings for Peter Gabriel, Josh Groban, Video Games Live!, Il Volo, Mannheim Steamroller, Boston Brass, and others. 

As devoted educators, members of the quartet hold teaching positions at North Park University, Northern Illinois University, Old Town School of Folk, The Ravinia Reach*Teach*Play program, Sherwood Conservatory, The Music Institute of Chicago, and University of Illinois at Chicago.

Liz Deitemyer| Anna Jacobson |Kelly Langenberg | Dana Sherman

Liz Deitemyer              

Name: Liz Deitemyer

Hometown: Lemont, Il

What you thought you wanted to be when you grew up: A figure skater or a teacher

What you are now:  I press a hunk of metal against my face and push air through twisty tubes for money.

Describe the Alloy Horn Quartet: We are a group of four unique women who bring our different styles and personalities together to make some pretty awesome music.

One (non-music) thing on your bucket list: I would love to walk the Camino de Santiago. It would be such an adventure to explore a new country and meet interesting characters along the way.

Farthest from home you’ve ever traveled: I took a solo trip to Austria, Hungary, and the Czech Republic and it was an experience of a lifetime. I saw cultures very different from ours and figured out how to navigate in foreign places on my own. 

Something you are interested in that no one else is: Dream interpretation! I love trying to discern their meanings and see the whacky ways our subconscious expresses things. 

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Anna Jacobson          

Name:  Anna Jacobson

Hometown: Elk Mound, WI

What you thought you wanted to be when you grew up: a veterinarian

What you are now: Freelance horn player, horn teacher, trumpet teacher, folk band musician, Suzuki violin teacher, and fiddler extraordinaire.  No, really!

Describe the Alloy Horn Quartet:  The Alloy Horn Quartet is a blend of four unique, beautiful horn sounds, which join to make an even more beautiful and strong sound.

Farthest from home you’ve ever traveled:  Bulgaria.  I spent part of a summer traveling there with a folk music group from the US when I was in high school.  I can still count to ten in Bulgarian!

Most ridiculous thing you’ve ever bought:  An avocado slicer.  It was a gift for someone else, but...really, a knife will do the trick just fine.

Something you are interested in that no one else is:  I have a fondness for chickens.  They're not particularly cuddly, or smart, or obedient, but I grew up on a hobby farm, and the chickens were always my favorites.  While I'm technically allowed to have them in the city, I don't really have enough yard space to keep them...which makes me a chicken whisperer without any chickens.  

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Kelly Langenberg       

Name: Kelly Langenberg

Hometown: New Philadelphia, Ohio

What you thought you wanted to be when you grew up: A Travel Agent because I wanted to see the world!

What you are now:  Teacher, Professor, Performer, Cheerleader, Manager, Support staff, Administrator, Organizer, & Mom.

Describe the Alloy Horn Quartet: This group is awesome.  I thoroughly enjoy the collaboration with my fellow musicians in Alloy.  They are all amazing musicians & we learn so much from and about each other.  Our rehearsals are fun and inspiring, and the congeniality we share can be felt in our performances.

Something that never goes out of style: Kindness and red lipstick

Most ridiculous thing you’ve ever bought: Cowboy boots. Not much need for those in Chicago!

Something you are interested in that no one else is: Paper texture. I love paper. I love paper that has dimension.  I recall one time in junior high we had an assignment in art class to make our own paper and for weeks afterward I was trying to create paper at home with the blender in my parent's kitchen- much to their dismay.  I still have an affinity for specialty paper, but now I just buy it

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Dana Sherman            

Name: Dana Sherman

Hometown: Naperville, IL

What you thought you wanted to be when you grew up: A dog. That was my first ambition at least...and then I wanted to be a math teacher. 

What you are now: I play music with friends and teach music in a number of different settings. I would say it's a bit better than my earliest aspiration of being a dog. 

Describe the Alloy Horn Quartet: I am honored to play with the other memebers of Alloy Horn Quartet. They are talented musicians and wonderful colleagues and friends. Rehearsals are filled with inspiring music and lots of laughter.

Something that never goes out of style: A comfortable T-shirt and jeans never go out of style. At least I hope that that never will, because if it does, I'll be out of style as well. (I guess it wouldn't be the first time.)

Farthest from home you’ve ever traveled: I traveled to China with my high school band back in high school. Before attending graduate school, I went to Japan for the Pacific Music Festival. 

What is one of your favorite smells: Freshly baked brownies coming out of the oven. Anyone who know me knows I have a major sweet tooth! Anything chocolate is my favorite!

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